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Dear friends!

       Let me heartily welcome organizers, starters and guests of the VI World Championship on Belt Wrestling in the Capital of Bashkortostan Republic city of Ufa. Its symbolic that it is carried out during the celebration days of 450th anniversary of Bashkiria voluntary joining Russia, on the land where it was created a great epos Ural-Batir; in the Motherland of Salavat Yulaev, the national hero of Bashkir people, of celebrated wrestlers of our country as Kharis Yusupov, Galimzyan Kudakaev, Vakil Ilyasov, Radik Urazbakhtin, world champions on Belt wrestling as Yury Sabanov and Rinat Yenikeev.

       One of the national types of belt wrestling kuresh is very popular in Bashkortostan. Thousands of fans of this kind of combat take part in championships and competitions, sport tournaments and festivals and public places of peoples festival Sabantuy. National team of Bashkortostan Republic is a repeated winner of Championships of Russia.

       I am sure that the VI World Championship on Belt Wrestling will be not only bright and eye-catching feast but also will contribute to further strengthening of peace, friendship and mutual understanding among peoples.

        Bashkortostan welcomes our dear guests and expects from world elite wrestlers interesting and exciting combats. I hope that athletes, coachers and championship organizers will also be able to get acquainted with our beautiful land, feel hospitality and hearts warmth of its people.

       I wish success and good luck to all the participants of the world championship, fun and joy to all fans while watching the competition of the globe strongest athletes.
Of Republic of Bashkortostan

Dear wrestle fans and wrestle participants!

       I am sincerely glad to greet you at the VI World Championship on Belt Wrestling that is conducted within the framework of the international festival of traditional types of wrestling.

       These competitions are timed and carried out during the celebration days of 450th anniversary of the Republic of Bashkortostan voluntary joining Russia.

        I would also like to point out that Bashkir land is rich in national traditions and feasts, part of that is a national wrestle Kuresh enjoying a great popularity.
       A significant impulse to the development of the national types of wrestle was given by the event of foundation of the International Federation on Belt Wrestling. This event promoted appearance of the national wrestle on the international scene.

       According to our data there are more than one hundred countries having their national types of wrestle, and with regard to attendance they are leaders among other kinds of sports.

       Thats why I am sure that the forthcoming competitions will become another step to goals put ahead for the sake of achievement progress of the national wrestle, and will also present to audience and fans a lot of fine, eye-catching and hard line sport fight.

       I wish fine and uncompromising competitions to all the athletes of the World Championship, sports luck and robust athletic health to them, and the audience and our sport fans to be spectators of the eye-catching sport combats.
President of Belt Wrestling All-Russian
and International Federations

Dear friends!

       On behalf of Russian Olympic family I would like to welcome the participants of the VI Belt Wrestling World Championship, guests and sport fans in Ufa.

       It is significant, that these international competitions among the best planets wrestlers are hold in the Year of the 450th anniversary of unity of the Republic of Bashkortostan with Russia, in one of the largest industrial, agricultural, cultural and, certainly, sports centers of the Russian Federation.
       The Republic of Bashkortostan is among leading regions of Russia on development of mass sports movement and traditional sports, of material and technical sports base and preparation of Olympians and Paralympians. Bashkortostan has a great experience in carrying out the biggest international events on the most popular Russian and world Olympic and Non-Olympic Sports.

       The Belt Wrestling World Championship opening ceremony will take place in the best Russian universal sports complex which was inaugurated in the anniversary year and where the most eminent sportsmen from 60 countries of the world will show their skills.

       I am sure, that the sports organizations of Russia and of the Republic of Bashkortostan will carry out this championship at a high level.

       I wish to all sportsmen good luck and high achievements in order to glorify Russian and world sport.
President of Russian
Olympic Committee

Dear friends!

       On behalf of the Federal Agency for physical culture and sport, Im glad to welcome participants, organizers and guests of the VI Belt Wrestling World Championship, dated for the celebration of the 450th anniversary of the unity of the Republic of Bashkortostan with Russia.
       Belt wrestling becomes from year to year more and more popular and widespread. Carrying out of the Championship in Ufa represents the acknowledgement of high sports skill of Bashkir wrestlers winners of world championships and international tournaments.
       This championship will receive more than 300 strongest wrestlers from about 60 countries. Large scale and importance of these competitions will consolidate the prestige of the republic of Bashkortostan on the international sports arena, will promote traditional wrestling sports and healthy life-style, first of all among young people.

       I am certain that this Championship, the UNESCO Conference, dedicated to Traditional Sports and Games, and the Congress of the International Belt Wrestling Association will contribute to further international acknowledgement of this sport and will approach its Olympic future.

       I wish to all participants success and bright victories, honest and hard-edged fights. I want them to be courageous and self-restrained.
Director of Federal Agency for physical
culture and sport
Vyacheslav Fetisov

Dear participants and organizers of the VI Belt Wrestling World Championship! Dear guests and competition fans!

       We regard joint decision of the International Belt Wrestling Association and All-Russian Belt Wrestling Federation about carrying out World Championship in Ufa as a sign of recognition of high sport achievements of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The interest of federal and international organizations for conducting sport contests in our Republic has significantly grown up during the latest years. It again proves the high authority of Bashkortostan as a Republic of sports liking, hospitable and having proper standard of conducting the highest level tournaments.
       I am well sure that sport contests of the world best belt wrestlers will be a bright sport feast, where the spirit of fair sport fight, friendship and generosity will be a host.

       Let this tournament serve to further development and progress of belt wrestling in Russia and Bashkortostan, and courage, firmness of mind and will for victory of the athletes will be a fine example for the growing up generations of Russian sportsmen.

       I wish you to enjoy eye-catcher fights, high results, health, prosperity and happiness.
Chairman of the Preparation and Conducting
Organizing Committee of the VI World
Championship on Belt Wrestling in Ufa.

By support to:
Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan

International Association of Traditional Wrestling Sports (R.A.)

Federal Agency for Physical Culture and Sports

Administration of the city district of Ufa

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United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

United Nations Environment Programme / environment for development

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Ministry on Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism of Bashkortostan Republic

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