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Dear friends!

       Im happy that by the decision of the International Biathlon Union the European Biathlon Championships 2009 will be held in the Republic of Bashkortostan one of the most developed and leading regions of Russia, in one of its most beautiful parts.
       Our Republic makes a substantial contribution to the development of home, European and world biathlon. Remarkable sporting achievements in this kind of sport were initiated by the Bashkir sportsman Dmitry Sokolov in 60s and triumphantly proceeded by winners and prize-winners of Winter Olympic Games in Nagano (Japan) Galina Kukleva and Pavel Muslimov, prize-winners of world and European championships Adgam Tagirov and Andrey Padin.
       Nowadays, this good tradition is held up by the three-time winner and summer biathlon world champion, participant of the Winter Olympic Games in Turin and prize-winner of 2007-2008 World Cup stages Maxim Chudov, as well as young nd promising sportswomen Olga Vilukhina, Ekaterina Buzorina, Maria Kosinova and many others.

       The venue for the championship is the sports complex Biathlon which has already become very popular among Russian athletes. Hundreds of competitions of different levels have been held on its tracks and on its shooting range, as well as the IBU Summer Biathlon World Championships 2006. The holding of the European Winter Biathlon Championships 2009 will undoubtedly contribute to the further development of this one of the most popular and spectacular sports.

       I am sure that the European Championships in Ufa will be a sports show and will serve the cause of unity between participating countries, and further strengthen peace, friendship and mutual understanding between nations.

       The Republic of Bashkortostan is waiting for its dear guests and is ready to meet the world biathlon elite in a worthy manner!
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